• who are we?  We are a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas, and recognized as a charitable religious organization by the Federal Government, to receive tax deductible donations.  We operate under the endorsement of Francois Missionary Baptist Church, Malvern, Arkansas.
  • How Are We Supported?  We are supported by churches and individuals who elect to send free will offerings to carry on the ministry, procure and ship Bibles and related materials to various mission fields.
  • Do We Print Bibles?  No.  Obtaining, maintaining and operating printing equipment is expensive.  We shop national markets and missionary supply organizations to procure Bibles and New Testaments much cheaper than we could print them.
  • How much of offering amounts are directed to the program of Bible Distribution?  As much as possible, 100%.  Some office supplies must be bought, but help is voluntary and often shipment to foreign fields is provided by Worldwide Literature who ships missionary containers to various fields.  In smaller shipments postage must be paid.
  • How to be involved?  Remember this ministry in your prayers.  Encourage offerings to be sent to F.I.S.H. Ministry, P.O. Box 1234, Benton, AR 72018 to support the activity of your choice.  If it is for Bible Distribution, make the check out to Fish Ministry.
  • What does it cost to place a Bible in foreign lands?  Presently, a nice New Testament can be placed in someone’s hands for about $1.50.  A whole Bible can be placed for about $5.00.
  • Will My Offering be Receipted?  Absolutely.  Receipts are mailed out  monthly together with a brief statement of what is going on at the time.