About Us

F.I.S.H. Ministry is an arm of Fellowhelpers To The Truth, Inc.  W. A. Dillard, Director

FELLOWHELPERS TO THE TRUTH, INC.  a Non-Profit Arkansas Corporation,is endorsed by Francois Missionary Baptist Church, Malvern, Arkansas.

F.I.S.H. Ministry is a volunteer ministry, dedicated to serving the cause of Christ on earth by working through His churches and missionaries to place copies of God’s Word in out-stretched hands in far-a-way lands.  The ministry provides Bibles,New Testaments and related materials to people in many nations in their languages and dialects as inexpensively as it can possibly be done.

F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for “Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage.”  It is one of several ministries of Fellowhelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.  F.I.S.H. Ministry  utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.

HISTORY:  Born of a desire to aid in the scripture heritage of the world, Bible distribution was a motivating factor from the beginning in 1982. Initial funding for the ministry came from another of Fellowhelpers’ outreach to youth: Southwestern Baptist Youth Day, promoting youth fellowship in Magic Springs Theme Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Youth groups were given the theaters for the day for talent presentation and full access to the amusement rides.  A percentage of gate receipts funded F.I.S.H. and other activities, specifically the publication of a quarterly newspaper: The Fellowhelper.  Since its beginning a few faithful churches have provided funds which are used in total for Bible distribution.  The ministry has operated under endorsement of Fifth Street Missionary Baptist Church in Marlow, Oklahoma, and presently under Francois Missionary Baptist Church in Malvern, Arkansas.  Since its beginning, literally hundreds of thousands of copies of God’s Word have been received and distributed in the language of the people in many nations.  Recent shipments include those to the Philippines, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, Russia, and Romania.