• F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for "Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage." It is one of several ministries of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas. F.I.S.H. Ministry utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.
  • Be a Fisher of Men! Helping to spread God's Word Internationally is a mission that needs all of us! How can you help?...... Prayer: We need your prayers, include us daily as you speak with God....... Support: Free Will offerings is the financial life blood of our operations. One time donations are wonderful and monthly donations are fantastic!..... Involvement: If you have a burning desire to share your talents, contact us and we will help fan that flame!
  • We are Baptist people seeking to be helpful to the Lord’s churches and works both at home and abroad. We identify with the ancient Waldenses, Paulicians, Donatists and others who have stood in the hedge and filled the gap as a succession of true churches from the time of Jesus and the apostles. The true churches of the Lord Jesus Christ are the “Pillar and ground of the truth.” The truth is the Word of God, the “faith once delivered to the saints.” It is incumbent upon us as God’s people to propagate His Word as foundational to individual lives and the continued growth of His churches. To this end we both pray, and labor in fields that are white already unto harvest. Furthermore, to this end we encourage others to get involved in prayers, financial support, evangelistic and teaching activities.

FellowHelpers To The Truth

  1. The FellowHelper

    FellowHelper is the first part of our corporate name of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc. Shortly after the start of this ministry a hard copy newspaper named “The FellowHelper” was sent out four times a year to over 8,000 recipients. It contained information on all the works and ministry being done by the workers of the organization. In today’s era of technology “The FellowHelper” has evolved into this website that is available 24/7 not only providing information on works and ministry being done but a repository full of riches can be found in the Library section and hopefully insightful sermons and series discussion in the Video section. FellowHelpers To The Truth is an organization of God’s people going about the work of helping God’s churches in multiple areas. We have among our people so much talent just bursting to reach out and bless us. If you need our help contact us, If you want to share your talents join us, If you want to support us please contribute in the Donate section, If you believe it is God’s will, pray for us!


  2. Fish Ministry

    F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for “Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage.”

    It is one of several ministries of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.

    F.I.S.H. Ministry utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.

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Fish Ministry News

1 day ago

FISH Ministry
A CAVE OF RETREAT I Kings 19 is a most interesting chapter in the Bible. It is interesting from a number of viewpoints, not the least of which is application to the life of the Christian in modern times. Readers are encouraged to read the chapter again. It is about Elijah, a great prophet of God who had gained a monumental victory over the forces of false religion in his time. But there would be no time to rest and savor the victory. Jezebel, the wicked queen of the northern nation of Israel was furious over Elijah’s action and vowed to kill him. It was time for Elijah to run. The emotional pendulum had swung fully. The prophet was distraught. Having fled to the southern parts of Judah, he sat down under a tree and asked the LORD to let him die. He had had more than enough in standing up for God in the face of such pervasiveness of evil. Exhausted, he slept under the tree. But, an angel awakened him and bid him to eat. Behold there was a baked cake of bread and a bottle of water. This happened twice, and the angel told him his journey was great and food was required. The journey took him to a cave of refuge. There God wanted to know what he was doing there. Elijah recounted the event of recent past and how his life was being sought as a lone witness of Jehovah. It was then that God demonstrated His power before the prophet in fire, earthquake, and whirlwind. But God was not in those things. Immediately thereafter, a still small voice repeated, “What are you doing here Elijah?” The prophet was made to understand that he was far from alone in standing for God and His righteousness. Additionally, God was the source and protector of his life, and He had yet a work for the prophet to accomplish. It is not unusual for God’s people to tire, not because of the way so much as in the way. The Lord’s work among men has always been small compared to what seems mountains of falsehood. It becomes easy for the consecrated Christian to tire, to seem overwhelmed, to seek a cave of refuge, but God’s work is out there among the multitudes who desperately need to know and receive God’s forgiveness, love, and hope. We all do well to learn from the experience of Elijah! ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

FISH Ministry
WHENCE COMES OPPOSITES?How many times have reader’s thoughts fallen on the presence of opposites? maybe it was a brief mental game, or a challenge to think in a different direction. Has anyone ever found a word, deed, principle or thought for which there is not an opposite? I feel certain many have tried. Since before time began, opposites were a part of the universe in every respect. Perhaps, even now, readers are running the mental gambit of easily recalled opposites: (up, down) (high, low) (hot, cold) (wet, dry) (smart, dumb), (pretty, ugly) (sick, well) (love, hate) (happy, sad) on and on it goes ad infinitum, and that really is the point. It all began with the founder and author of sin (sin, righteousness) in an archangel named Lucifer. How that was possible, no one has ever been able to explain with any degree of certainty. So, chaos was conceived in opposition to order. Its first display was in heaven which prompted angelic war. The second significant display was in the wreckage of a perfect planet per Genesis 1:2. The third significant display was in the successful downfall of the perfect, Edenic cosmos which has been the condemning horror of the ages. It would take a sizeable book to list sin’s dastardly effects not only in mankind, but in all of creation itself. The definition of sin literally is “To miss the mark.” The “Mark” being the pure righteousness of God which must exclusively prevail in the universe of his creation. The quest of the ages is that God is reconciling fallen mankind, at least a remnant of it before eradicating every vestige of it, a cosmic war which has been decisively won in Christ Jesus. The time of separation of the wheat from the tares is quite near. The present cosmos will be destroyed, the new cosmos that will remain will not feature a world of opposites. It will be a world of life without end in a world of peace without end. After all, the opposite of “Live” spelled backward is "Evil." Nothing will disturb the essence of pure peace and joy of all that life can be as the fullness of life in righteousness will admit no opposite. If the meditated prospects of such a cosmos boggles the brain, then also know that, too, is common to man. But entertaining it is exciting as those who know the Lord anticipate experiencing it in that future cosmos of His making: cosmos without end! ... See MoreSee Less
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7 days ago

FISH Ministry
"I remember this day 6 June at Omaha Beach and I only 19 years young on the beach oh God" –The above quote was from my uncle Troy V. Wilson who after WWII went on into the Korean war then spent his last day in northern California flying to his eternal home at age 97. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

FISH Ministry
ATUNED TO THE SOUNDS Sounds are extremely important! The apostle Paul said, “And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?” I Cor. 14:7. Could one imagine singing without the distinction of musical notations of range, or an instrument being played with no such observance? It would be sheer madness and total confusion. Of course, some of us may be accused of engaging in that sort of practice as others hear us, but it is mostly in jest. Paul went on to say, “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? I Cor. 14:8. So, in conveying information, sounding an alarm, engaging in music, detecting mechanical malfunctions or so many other things, the distinct sound is important. Distinct sounds have played monumental roles in history. God caused the enemy armies of Israel to hear the sounds of non-existent, approaching armies before whom they fled. Samuel heard the sounds of lowing cattle and bleating sheep by which he knew Saul had utterly disobeyed the commandments of the Lord to destroy all that drew the breath of life among the Amalekites. The list goes on. In matters of safety, security, well-being, and especially eternal well-being, it is important that the sounds be distinct and clear. However, it is the delight of Satan to inspire confusing sounds in these matters from so many sources. The common denominators in those sounds are that time is unimportant, and whatever sounds one receives and conveys is just fine. This effectively, but falsely puts man in the driver’s seat of eternal things rather than the Creator. Biblically, it is called iniquity, and it reaps an eternal reward no one wants. Therefore, let the sound of God’s people be a clarion call! Heaven and hell are real and will serve as the eternal home of all men according to their preparation or lack thereof. Let the eternal truth of God’s Word be sounded with clarity and force for God will approve no other. Pity the Christian who is embarrassed or ashamed to emit such clarion calls for the benefit of men for whom Christ died and rose again. Judgment is coming, time is short, eternity is long, and what is this sound I hear? ... See MoreSee Less
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