• F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for "Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage." It is one of several ministries of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas. F.I.S.H. Ministry utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.
  • Be a Fisher of Men! Helping to spread God's Word Internationally is a mission that needs all of us! How can you help?...... Prayer: We need your prayers, include us daily as you speak with God....... Support: Free Will offerings is the financial life blood of our operations. One time donations are wonderful and monthly donations are fantastic!..... Involvement: If you have a burning desire to share your talents, contact us and we will help fan that flame!
  • We are Baptist people seeking to be helpful to the Lord’s churches and works both at home and abroad. We identify with the ancient Waldenses, Paulicians, Donatists and others who have stood in the hedge and filled the gap as a succession of true churches from the time of Jesus and the apostles. The true churches of the Lord Jesus Christ are the “Pillar and ground of the truth.” The truth is the Word of God, the “faith once delivered to the saints.” It is incumbent upon us as God’s people to propagate His Word as foundational to individual lives and the continued growth of His churches. To this end we both pray, and labor in fields that are white already unto harvest. Furthermore, to this end we encourage others to get involved in prayers, financial support, evangelistic and teaching activities.

FellowHelpers To The Truth

  1. The FellowHelper

    FellowHelper is the first part of our corporate name of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc. Shortly after the start of this ministry a hard copy newspaper named “The FellowHelper” was sent out four times a year to over 8,000 recipients. It contained information on all the works and ministry being done by the workers of the organization. In today’s era of technology “The FellowHelper” has evolved into this website that is available 24/7 not only providing information on works and ministry being done but a repository full of riches can be found in the Library section and hopefully insightful sermons and series discussion in the Video section. FellowHelpers To The Truth is an organization of God’s people going about the work of helping God’s churches in multiple areas. We have among our people so much talent just bursting to reach out and bless us. If you need our help contact us, If you want to share your talents join us, If you want to support us please contribute in the Donate section, If you believe it is God’s will, pray for us!


  2. Fish Ministry

    F.I.S.H. is an acronym standing for “Fellowship for an International Scripture Heritage.”

    It is one of several ministries of FellowHelpers To The Truth, Inc., a non-profit organization begun in 1982 under initial endorsement of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas.

    F.I.S.H. Ministry utilizes on-site missionaries to receive and distribute Bibles and New Testaments on various mission fields, as free-will offerings make copies of the Word available.

Latest Apologetics

4 days ago

THE CONUNDRUM OF NON-DENOMINATIONALISM As the age draws to a close, there are renewed energies poured into attempts of religious one-up-man-ship on the status of mainline churches’ of centuries. It seems many have a better idea. So throughout the country one sees new buildings erected with a neutral name flying under the banner of non-denominational status. When asked about their core doctrines of faith one is likely to hear, “Oh we are just like Baptists, in fact our preacher was once a Baptist.” Further inquiry may bring the declaration that doctrine is not taught here. A sense of jubilation exudes in some that they are open to everyone who confesses that Jesus is the Son of God. Baptism does not matter and certainly church name does not matter. That makes for an interesting game plan for the rest of us considered not-so-much in God’s favor to figure out. So it is back to the basics. What is denominationalism anyway? A quick check with reputable dictionaries will show that the term “Denomination” means an act of denominating as in size of a series of values or sizes and in coins or bills of currency. It is a general name for a category. The term is derived from “de” French and Latin meaning down, from, concerning, etc. plus “Nomen” (name) with noun ending “ion” meaning state of being. Hence the word literally means “the assignment by name to a class, category or size.” In religious terms a specific church is understood by its name to be more or less aligned with others of that same name; hence, denomination. So what shall one say about a non-denominational church? It has no name, it has no doctrine by which it is distinguished, its baptism and communion then cannot be established as legitimate, and since “Church” is a denominational term indicating type of religion, it by its claim is not that. It appears that this all makes such churches to be churches by unauthorized claim and fitting into the general class of governmental recognized organizations of the class (501-C-3) for tax purposes; a true conundrum of a non-denominational denomination. It is a conundrum in the frenzied, iniquitous activity peculiar to the closing of the present age. It should be understood from Jesus' description of the church at Laodicea that neutral ground is not acceptable. Make it hot, or let it remain cold. Cast conundrums aside. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE “ANA” HAPPENS TO THE “BAPTISTS” Baptist people, true to the foretelling of Jesus, have an age long history of treatment similar to the treatment Jesus received. After all, the servant is not greater than his Lord, and if the world hated Jesus, it will also hate His churches. It is interesting to note that historians of most every major denomination of religion bears testimony to the lineage of Baptist churches all the way back to the days of the apostles. They also bear testimony to their persecution throughout the age. Accordingly, the persecuted people were forced to be vagabonds and nomads, moving from place to place as their houses, lands, and worship houses were confiscated and burned. In Italy they were called Novations and Paterines. In Armenia they were called Paulicans. In North Africa they were called Donatists. In other places of Europe they were known as Petro-brussians, Henricians, and Waldenses. These communities were oft named by others in reference to strong leaders among them. In every place their numbers were great and their churches numbered in the hundreds. Because of the common, consistent faith that has always marked Baptist congregations, and because they would accept no other baptism than their own, they were called "Anabaptists" (re-baptizers) regardless of what other names some may have applied to them. Now fast forward in history to the colonization of America. Baptists came as individuals and as entire congregations on the same ships to a new land where the prospects of freedom in general and religious freedom in particular were true prospects. In this new land the “Ana” was dropped, and they were known simply as “Baptists.” In a relatively short time these churches grew and multiplied prolifically, but, so did Catholic and Protestant bodies as well as upstarts that may be classified as Neo-protestants. All advanced in unparalleled material riches. Now, fast forward to the present. Soon large numbers of Baptist churches began to recognize and accept the baptism of other religious bodies foreign to their own faith. Then, having lost the "Ana" from Baptists (re-baptizers) many proceeded to lose distinction as “Baptists”, too. The embrace of alien immersion and/or no immersion carries with it the doctrines of universal, invisible church, open communion, and total loss of church discipline. It is the end of a scriptural New Testament church. Those who shared the common New Testament Faith a few centuries ago never officially called themselves Anabaptists. but considered the name an honor that others ha so dubbed them. In modern times Baptist Churches never copyrighted the name “Baptist” but considered it an honor to be so known. Now, alas, for a majority of those churches, both the “Ana” and the “Baptist” no longer can be, worn as a badge of honor. With a minority exception, both are discarded in favor of being unified with a religious world far afield from the faith once delivered to the saints. It is sadly true, that what happened to the “Ana” has also happened to the “Baptists” for many.Where will your church be at the mid-night cry? Will it be ready for the bridegroom or gone in search of oil for their darkened lamps? ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

THE DONKEY STILL PREACHES TO MERCENARIESIt was an ordinary day in the land of Moab some 3500 years ago; ordinary that is until messengers of the king knocked on the door of a known prophet of God whose name was Balaam. As with many modern day ministers, the prophet may have been mildly depressed because he deemed his life to be slipping away in a time of uneventfulness. Perhaps Balaam longed to have the attention of those most prominent in his society, and the popularity, prestige, and greater income that would go with that. Then it happened! He could hardly believe his good fortune. The king had recognized his status as a prophet and desired his service. Also, there was a bag of gold in the offering for his hire. Surely, God would be most pleased with this. Perhaps He had even arranged it all. He was to learn that such was not the case however, and rather than resign himself to the sweet will of God, he badgered, pressed, and besought God for some way to take advantage of the offer. The story is well known. It did not turn out as the prophet had dreamed, but God chose to use it all as teaching lessons for future generations. The story unfolds in Num. 22-24. God allowed a common donkey to speak sense and wisdom to the prophet as well as save his life, but that did not deter him. Then God forbade the prophet to speak anything, but what God put in his mouth. His message was a repeated blessing on the covenant people of God whom the king wanted cursed. Since he could not curse the Hebrews, he turned to political compromise and gave counsel that caused Israel to sin against the Lord. How did it end? The prestige and popularity was meaningless and the gold soon was gone. Balaam was slain a short time later by the Hebrews in a battle against enemy forces with which he aligned himself. Num. 31. But the prophet does get worldly immortality which most would not want. He is mentioned in the Bible some 59 times including the epistles of Peter and Jude as well as Revelation. All are warnings of an iniquitous way of life to shun. Modern Christians should consider the life, deeds, and end of this prophet who wanted to be God’s man, but loved the world and things of it. Often it appears that the norm in modern Christianity is for church members to live far away from the study and love of the Word, but practice, at least periodically, a form of powerless religion. The end of that lifestyle is one of shame, and it is not new. It is spiritual nonsense, and has a predictable end based on precedents recorded in Holy Writ. Listen! Do you hear braying ? ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

BIBLE BOREDOMIs it possible to actually become bored with the Bible? If the practice of the majority of folks who call themselves “Christian” is offered for an answer to the question, the answer would have to be a resounding “Yes!” No other book in history has been so widely owned and so seldom read! Think with me about it for a moment.Multitudes of people who were raised in a “church” environment remember with fondness the Bible stories so attractive to children: Creation; Noah and the flood; King Solomon; Jonah and the whale; Daniel and the Lion’s Den; the three Hebrew children; the Nativity of Jesus, etc. They joyfully received the physical stories, considered themselves Bible orientated, then closed the book forever without realizing how inexhaustible the spiritual applications and meanings are, as well as the unbroken connection of them all. The knowledge, wisdom, and burning hope their messages implant within the human heart are unparalleled because the words are spirit and they are life!Ignorance of Holy Writ by those who take upon themselves the name of Christ Jesus is responsible for a myriad of heresies. By these things men are plunged into iniquity with the wholly mistaken idea that because they mean well and are sincere, it must be pleasing to God. When Bible study is suggested, it is received as would be a suggestion to take a dose of castor oil! Excuses of archaic words; ideas beyond understanding, lack of time to devote to it together with outright boredom quickly surface as just reasons to avoid it. Sad! What may one say in response? "Poor old God. He created a universe and hold it in place. He is the author of every living being, yet He wasn't intelligent enough to write a book of essential knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for His created subjects!" That is really sad!Even preachers ought to read the Bible! Several have been known to drop out of the ministry because in their assessment they have preached all the sermons they can find in it, and they are bored with their own repetition, and the shallowness of the T.V. preachers from which they copy sermons. They have forgotten 2 Timothy 2:15. The truth is: spiritual anemia will consistently be the symptom of Bible boredom. Moreover, the underscored truth is that the University of Christ Jesus offers the only unfathomable textbook, and it does not include a baccalaureate degree. The Bible still causes the most serious, and decades-long, student to soar heavenward in rapture divine as its contents are prayerfully studied. For one to say that the Bible is boring may well express his honest assessment at the time, but it speaks volumes about the absence of spirituality and dedication to discipleship of that person.That it is not good! ... See MoreSee Less
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Fish Ministry News

1 month ago

FISH Ministry
Remote Islands Ministry continues to reach folks in the many islands of Indonesia. Solar powered audio bibles in Bahassa as well as the printed page are making an impact on so many lives. God bless the ministry of Brother Glen Knight, the many that support him and those who use FISHministry by sending funds to secure bibles in these forms in the Indonesian language. ... See MoreSee Less
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